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Things have been fairly busy around here. It is summer and we are
starting new outreach efforts with several churches in the Houston,
Texas area. Each of the churches involved in the CONNECTIONS
MINISTRY project are experiencing some exciting developments.

We are already seeing results, new church members, more visitors,
church unity, etc. in each of the participating churches. As we
begin to implement the Bible Distribution effort and the phone
calling effort, more and more people are beginning to respond.

You can read all about how things are progressing at our blog:
Reaching People With The Gospel

The CONNECTIONS MINISTRY is in it's first round of implementation.
As we begin to learn what is effective and what is not, we will be
putting together a set of training materials that will help other
churches to implement the ministry. If you would like more
information on becoming involved with this area of ministry, please
email me through our contact page, at:


Upcoming Ministry Opportunities In Your Own Community (United States)

There are several holidays and events coming up that you and your
church should be able to capitalize on, for making new contacts that
may lead to witnessing opportunities.

July 4th, in the United States, is celebrated across the country as
Independence Day. Why not plan an event around the idea of Freedom?
You can have hot dogs, drinks, family games, prizes, etc. Invite
the entire community to share in the celebration. In the past, when
we have done these types of events, we have taken the opportunity
to present a short message, that covers the way to true Freedom through Jesus Christ.

Many of our newsletter subscribers are from other countries, but
each country probably has some sort of National holiday that you
could capitalize on in a similar manner.

It is also possible that some of the other community organizations
may be planning an event already. Why not volunteer to help them?
This will give you an opportunity to get to know some new people,
and let them know that you are part of the community. This opens
the lines of communication that may lead to witnessing
opportunities. Be Creative!!

Every year in August, the National Night Out campaign is held, in
an effort to get people to conduct block parties and other events
to meet your neighbors. It is an effort to build communities for
the purpose of security and cohesiveness.

Similar to the July 4th idea, this gives an opportunity to meet new
people and strike up some conversations.

Over the years, our ministry team has been able to actually bring
our puppet team to the neighborhood event and conduct a Sidewalk
Sunday School style program during the community event!!

Just a couple of ideas for you. You can check these ideas out in
greater detail through our Evangelism Methods Page

If you would like help in planning any of these events, please feel
free to contact me personally.

God Bless You as we work together to build His kingdom,
Rev. Teddy Levron


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As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, requests for speaking engagements, etc. at: Rev. Teddy Levron - Personal Contact E-mail

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