3 Essentials for Christian Living for Outreach and Personal Evangelism

"3 Essentials For Christian Living" is

* a great starting point for new believers in the Christian faith


* an encouragement and challenge to those who have been following Jesus for some time.

It is a great tool and simple to use for:


*Sunday School*

*Small Group Study*

*Follow Up*


*A great, inexpensive addition to first time visitor packets*

"3 Essentials for Christian Living explains very simply, the most important stages of the Christian life. It is a great tool to help the new and mature Christian to complete the great commission. It is inspiring and helpful to those who are "stuck in a rut" or not seeing fruit in their lives. I highly recommend this book to pastors and fellow laborers as an introductory gift to new converts, as a tool for mature believers, and as an encouragement for those already practicing the three essentials. Personally, I have wanted to have a book like this to give to those I am discipling." - Linda Demjen, BCh.M. Co-founder and President - A Cup of Cold Water Ministries, Inc. Houston, TX

"A masterpiece! No 'Christianeze' terminology here. This book approaches Christian living with systematic, to the point, everyday language. After all, the Gospel should be made easy enough for all to understand. Teddy Levron hit the mark with this one."
Lyle Countryman, Sr Associate Pastor, Lindale Church, Houston, Texas

This book has proven to be effective as both a conversation starter, and a leave behind piece that continues to witness after you are gone.

Many have commented on the easy to understand format.

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Thank you for your dedication to serving the Lord. I know that this book will be a blessing to you and those with whom you share it.

Blessings,Rev. Teddy Levron

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You Can Help Us Spread The Word

You can help us to spread the Word.

We are in the process of using the 3 Essentials for Christian Living Book as an outreach tool in evangelism training and outreach events around the country.

It has also been translated into Slovakian and Spanish for upcoming missions trips and training events in Slovakia and Honduras.

Your generous donation would help us to develop this book into an international evangelism tool.

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Rev. Teddy Levron