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God has been opening some incredible doors of ministry for us.

The CONNECTIONS MINISTRY Bible Distribution effort is under way and
growing as I write this newsletter. Currently, there are four
churches involved in the training process, and more asking about
how to become involved.

For a complete update about what is going on with this portion of
our ministry, please got to: http://evangelism-training.blogspot.com

I have started this blog to keep everyone updated on what's

happening, as well as to simply keep track of all that God is doing
in relation to this ministry effort.

You can also make tax deductible donations to help purchase Bibles
and Books for this effort at:


I will be closing out the Achievement Club Program at Lyons
Elementary this coming week. I will be presenting the award

certificates, prizes and $100 Savings Bond to the winners on May
21. This year has been great. There are more students who
have qualified for certificates and prizes than ever before. For
those who are not familiar with the Achievement Club, it is our
drug awareness program that helps us to introduce our ministry to
the community through the public school. You can check out this
idea and others on our Evangelism Methods page. Go to:


I have added a couple of new pages to the website that I believe
will be useful to you.

The first is a new Resource Page. There are only a couple of links
located there at this time, but I will be adding more in the coming
weeks. There is a link for IBS Direct, which is our supplier for
Bibles that we use during our door to door campaigns, including the
CONNECTIONS MINISTRY. These are discount prices and you can order
materials by the case at even better discounts. You can order

materials for personal use or for your church or ministry.

This has been a great resource for us. Also if you make orders
through our resource page link, we get a percentage back through an affiliate
agreement, which helps us to buy more Bibles to distribute. Check it out at:


The links that I will be adding to this page are for other
evangelism related websites and ministries. If you know of any that

might be useful for our visitors, please email me the address so
that I can check it out.


Summer is quickly approaching. Children will be out and looking for
something to do. Why not start a Backyard Bible Club, Great
OutDoors Club or Sidewalk Sunday School ministry in your
neighborhood or a nearby apartment complex. They are easy to do and
the children really enjoy them. All you need is a little time for

lesson preparation and about $20-30 per week for snacks and you're
ready to go. For more info on children's ministry ideas, go to:
http://www.effective-evangelism-training.org/evangelism_methods.html or
email me at: evangelism@justjesusgroup.com
I'd love to help you get started!


Some of you who are monthly supporters of our ministry have asked
for an online option for giving. It is now available through
PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. You can check out the
details at:

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and in winning souls
for Jesus Christ. God bless you!!

Until next time, remember, God's greatest desire is that all people

would be saved and know the truth - 1Timothy 2:4

Rev. Teddy Levron

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As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, requests for speaking engagements, etc. at: Rev. Teddy Levron - Personal Contact E-mail

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