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October 2008
We Survived Hurricane Ike
As most of you know, our ministry is home-based in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Ike left quite a path of destruction in our immediate and surrounding areas, but our personal home and ministry offices were not affected by the storm. Things are now getting back to normal for most of us, although there are many whose homes have been destroyed and lives have been lost. Please continue to pray for the families who are still dealing with the hurricane's aftermath.

New Additions
I am currently working on a website that will specifically feature the CONNECTIONS MINISTRY that we are conducting in churches around the Houston area. This ministry model can be reproduced in any community. It has already been successful at reaching the lost, following up on church events, and in building and strengthening existing relationships within the church. Check out the site that is currently being constructed at:

Evangelism Tip for an Economic Downturn
The economy is on everyone's mind here in America. I'm sure it is a source of conversation in other parts of the world as well. Everyone needs money to live, and most seem worried about where it will come from, or if it will keep coming at all. Why not take advantage of this situation and use the topic of the economy to lead some people to Jesus. After all, He is the only one who has the answers, and can give you peace in the storm around you.

So, here's what you do:

1) Sit down and write down everything that you can think of about how God has helped you financially, from the time you accepted Him into your life, until today. (I know, this is going to take some time, but you will be tremendously blessed and encouraged as you relive all of God's mercy and grace toward you over the years.)

2) Go through the list and write down what you have learned about God and His character through each event.

3) Find a Scripture reference or Biblical principle that applies to each situation.

4) Look for opportunities in your everyday conversations about the economy, to share what God has done for you. (This will lead to opportunities to share further about your own relationship with the Lord.)

5) Be sure to give God the glory for all of the provision. It will be an encouragement to others and may lead them to the Lord.

Share your success stories with us:

Christians In Action
If you haven't done it yet, TAKE THE CHRISTIANS IN ACTION PLEDGE!!

As a Christian in Action, I promise to:

Read my Bible every day
Pray every day
Look for opportunities each day to tell someone about Jesus.

I am just beginning work on a new Christians In Action page, so I need your help in deciding what should be on it. I am intending to have evangelism tips and videos to start. I want it to be interactive, so I will be trying to work out a way to add a forum section, so that members can interact with one another and exchange ideas.

Take some time to check out the page that I've put up so far and take THE PLEDGE!!

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