Door to Door Ministry

Reaching Your Community
One Household at A Time

Over the years, individuals and churches have turned away from door to door style evangelism ministries, because of the stigma associated with the method.

Cult groups and aggressive behavior by the untrained or overzealous, have given this method for reaching the lost a sort of 'black eye.' But, for those who know about effectively reaching communities for the Lord, this is a great way to break down barriers of communication and get to know the people in your neighborhood.

To be effective at door to door ministry, or any other ministry method for that matter, you must adopt the attitude of a servant. You are serving your community with a message of life and hope through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our ministry's Community Lighthouse CONNECTIONS MINISTRY uses this method. Here's our 3 point outline for reaching our communities one household at a time.

Our volunteers are trained to achieve these three things at each house that is visited.

1) Deliver a gift from our church/ministry or the local church that we are working with. This gift includes a Bible, IBSDirect is our source for Bibles priced at a discount. Click here to check them out, a copy of '3 Essentials For Christian Living', a Gospel tract, and information about the ministries offered by our church or the local church that we are partnering with. (We show them each part of the gift packet as we explain what it is.)

2) Find out if there are any prayer requests that we can pray over, then pray with the family members.

3) Gather information about how we might be of service to them and invite them to a Sunday service, a Bible study or upcoming event.

It's that simple!!

To find more about how to be involved in the Community Lighthouse Project, or how we can help your church to design and carry out a House to House campaign in your area, CLICK HERE!!

Benefits Of Door to Door Ministry

When the procedure above is followed,
relationships are built,
people's needs are met,
people get saved,

There is no magic to the procedure. It is just simply, people caring for people and sharing the love of Jesus Christ as they go.

In our current culture of distrust and selfish ambition, a true gesture of Christian love is noticed and goes a long way to opening the communication lines that will lead to an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Recently, Campus Crusade For Christ , a leader in evangelism and outreach efforts around the world, launched an evangelism effort called "Prayer on the Porch," which is designed to reach "one household at a time."

Other ministries are also beginning to realize that we must go back to the basics of winning souls one at a time, on a daily basis, and taking time to disciple them, sending them back out to do the same.

John 13:35 - By this all shall know that you are My disciples, if you have love toward one another.

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