The Gospel
Anyone Can Understand

Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."
Mark 16:15

So what is it that Jesus was talking about and what was the understanding of the first century church members about the message?

The Gospel Is Good News

The word Gospel, as used in the New Testament, means "a good message" or "to announce good news".

For our task of Evangelism, leading others into relationship with Jesus, we must determine what this good news could be.

Gospel vs. Gospels
Just so we are not confused, there is a difference between the above mentioned terms. The "Gospel" is the message that we are going to learn about here and present to people who need a relationship with Jesus.

The "Gospels" are what we call the first four books of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four books chronicle Jesus' birth, life on earth, death and resurrection.

"Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you." Matthew 28:20

In reality, all of what Jesus taught that is recorded in the four Gospels is part of the Good News. It is why they are called THE GOSPELS! Everything in God's Word is good news to those who will believe it and live according to it.

The people who lived during New Testament times were looking for a Messiah, a Savior, who had been told about by the prophets of Old Testament times. The good news for them was that He had arrived.

There should have been great rejoicing over Jesus' coming, but some doubted and would not believe the good news.

The Gospel - A Summary

Part 1 - God loves us and wants an eternal relationship with us

Part 2 - Man disobeyed and fell away from intimate relationship with God

Part 3 - God has a plan to get us back into right relationship that involves sacrifice

Part 4 - Jesus makes the sacrifice for us

Part 5 - We only need to accept Jesus' sacrifice and repent (turn away) from our disobedience (sin) in order to come back into right relationship with God

Good News - God Loves Us - Part 1

Part of the Good News that Jesus preached was that God is a loving God who wants an eternal relationship with every human being.

I've included a few references below for you to begin with. Remember, Bible study is a life long endeavor. You don't have to "know everything" before you are able to share what you already know.

Use these verses as a starting point to understanding God's love
toward us.

*Luke 15:11-32 - The Prodigal Son

*John 3: 16 - 17 - God Loves the World

*Luke 13: 34-35 - Jesus Weeps Over The People Of Jerusalem

*Romans 5:8 - While we were still sinners, God loved us enough to offer a sacrifice for us.

*1 Timothy 2:1-6 - Paul teaches Timothy that God desires all of mankind to be saved, through Jesus Christ.

Read through these verses and prayerfully consider what is being said.
It is crucial that you understand this point in order to better comprehend the rest of the Gospel message. If God is not a loving God who cares about you and desires a relationship with you, then the rest of the message would make no sense.

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