Conduct a Community Health Fair At Your Church

Conducting a community health fair at your church can help to fill the gap that currently exists in our health care system. Many people in your community are in need of health care services and resources.

Why not provide a local event that can help them to get the best health care possible and introduce them to your church at the same time?

Events like these are not hard to do, but do require quite a bit of advance preparation. You can begin, by locating and calling your county health department and city health department. Ask for a list of providers and begin making calls.

Some of the more popular and necessary services that we have provided in the our own church based health fairs, include:

*Free immunizations for children going back to school - You must reserve these services at least 6 months in advance. These services are normally provided free of charge by the local health department

*Free Dental checkups - Contact local dentists. Some of them will come out on the day of the event with an assistant and do basic dental checkups. They won't do work on location, but this is the only way some families in your community could afford to even have a checkup.

*Health Information Booths - Contact local hospitals and clinics about coming out on the day of the event to set up information booths about health issues, High blood pressure, smoking, AIDS, STDs, etc.

*Pharmacist Medicine Check - Some of our local pharmacists have come out to help people on medication to check medications for compatibility. This has been of great benefit to some of our older residents. The pharmacist can check to make sure that their medications don't conflict with each other, which could cause some major health issues.

These are just some of the ideas that we have incorporated.

Our health fairs are a very festive event. We usually have games, puppet shows, free food and a time of ministry for the sick.

Use the health fair as an opportunity for evangelistic ministry.

Simply hosting a health fair will let your community know that you care about their well-being.

Here are a few ideas to help turn the event into an evangelism opportunity:

1) While people are at your location, take the opportunity to share literature about the other services that your church provides. Give everyone a packet of information and Gospel tracts or Bibles.

2) In the past, I have had members of our congregation share their own testimonies about how God has healed them of various things, then invited people up to the stage for prayer.

3) I have also taken the testimonies of our members and compiled them into a short book that we could give away to the people who attend.

The people who attend are very grateful for the service that you provide, and by having congregation members share their testimonies, you begin to open the opportunities for communication.

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I am available to come to your location to help plan or carry out this type of event.

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