Focus On Holidays To Reach People With The Gospel

Holidays present a great opportunity to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ for several reasons.

The two main opportunities that come to mind for evangelistic impact are Christmas and Easter. These are obvious, because they are central to what the Christian faith is all about. You can't have one without the other.

If there were no Christmas (birth of Jesus), there would be no Easter (sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus).

People's minds are generally geared to spiritual things during these two seasons. Some people, who never even consider spiritual matters during other times of the year, will be open to discussion during these two seasons.

On a personal level, be ready to give them information about what these holidays are really all about. Also, on a church level, be prepared to offer special services, Community Christmas Caroling, Community Easter Egg Hunts, special drama presentations, etc. to invite the neighborhood to, for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.

Other Seasons To Consider

Besides the "Big Two," here are a few ideas that could open doors for sharing the Gospel.

New Year - People are thinking about new beginnings. How can you get them to think about new spiritual beginnings.

Valentine's Day - How can you share the love of Jesus Christ on this day?

Mother's Day and Father's Day - These present unique opportunities to invite unsaved loved ones to church.

Halloween - Many churches offer Fall Festivals, which include games, prizes, music, drama, etc. as a community event. We have used this particular event to good effect in sharing the Gospel during a time that, in the world, is designed to glorify the works of the devil!!

These are just a few ideas and idea starters.

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