Evangelism Training
For All Experience Levels

You will quickly and easily gain confidence and boldness in your evangelism efforts, no matter what your level of experience, by systematically working your way through this website.

Effective-Evangelism-Training.org is:

* Easy to Use

* Easy to Understand

* Easy to navigate, and best of all...

* Easy to apply to your real-life ministry efforts

For Those New To Soul Winning, this site features...

* A Step by Step Plan for Sharing the Gospel with your friends and family

* An explanation of what Evangelism is, and what it is not, in order for you to stay focused on what God has called you to do

* Bible Studies that will help you to gain knowledge and confidence in using God's Word to win the lost

* Downloadable resources to help you get started... and much, much, more!

For Those Who Are More Experienced At Soul Winning, this site features...

* Ideas, Methods and Techniques, that have proven to be successful with over 20 years of ministry experience

* New Ideas for Outreach Events that you can use to organize and help others become more effective at witnessing

* Forums for exchanging ideas and networking with other soul winners around the world

* Downloadable resources and links to help you expand your effectiveness and much more!

For Pastors, this site...

* Is a partner in ministry, helping to train your congregation to be more effective members of the local church

* Is a resource for ideas and help in implementing strategies to reach your community and grow your church family

* Can be used by you and your congregation to save time, money and effort in the development and planning of outreach events

A Special Note from Our Founder, Rev. Teddy Levron:

"You are on the ground floor of what we expect to be your most useful tool for evangelism resources on the internet.

This is a brand new endeavor, stemming from 20 years of experience that I would like to share with you.

This website will be growing on an almost daily basis, so I would like to personally invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and e-zine.

The newsletter will be packed with useful information to keep you up to date on new website information, free resource links to other websites that will be useful to you, podcasts from other experienced evangelists, training materials and a whole lot more!

I am looking forward to sharing this great adventure of soul winning with you!!"

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Pastors, I want to help you grow your church!
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