How To Develop Your Personal Testimony Into An Effective Witnessing Tool

The Word "testimony", simply means "a witness." A witness tells about what he/she has personally seen and heard.

Your testimony, your story, is simply what you have heard and seen God do in your own life.

This is the most powerful tool that you have at your disposal for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Too often, though, people only think about their salvation experience when sharing their story. Would you agree that since that miraculous event, God has done some wonderful things in your life. We must consider these things if we are going to be successful at reaching others with our own story.

Here's 3 steps that will help you to organize your thoughts:

1) Write everything down. This exercise helps us to remember the details about the things that God has done for us. Start with writing down everything that you can remember about how you came to know Jesus as your personal Savior.

a) Who was involved in the process?

b) What did God save you from?

c) What did it feel like to make that decision?

Take your time. Think through the process. You'll be surprised at the things you remember.

2) Make a list of major events in your life, then identify how God was involved.

a) What did you learn from these situations?

b) What principles from God's Word did you apply to help you through these events?

You will probably learn new things while you are going through this process!

3) Think about how God helps you in day to day life. Begin to keep a journal.

How Will Doing All Of This Turn Your Story Into A Witnessing Tool?

You will begin to recognize opportunities to minister to others. God will bring people across your path that need to hear your stories. You will have something in common. God's answers to your life issues will become a starting point for conversation, sometimes leading to a direct opportunity to lead them to the Lord.

Writing down your testimony is not about memorizing a speech, but reminding yourself about how God has interacted with you through times of joy and times of trial. He will do the same for others.

Your story should lead the hearer to God's Word. Show them the Biblical principle behind how God interacted with you. Let them know that God wants a relationship with them, too. Tell them how to start that relationship by accepting Jesus' sacrifice and surrendering their lives to Him. Then, help them to follow through on their decision by beginning to disciple them, sharing what you know about Jesus and inviting them to get involved in Bible studies and participating in a local church.

Share Your Testimony With Us

Once you've gone through the steps listed above, take some time to share your story with us. I'd love to hear about how God has worked in your life.
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