Back to School Events Reach Families for Jesus

Back to School is another "new beginning" time of year for students and parents. By providing an event to mark this occasion, you and your church can stand out in your community.

In the past, we have put together basic school supplies for the local elementary school students and given them away at this type of event for free. This usually draws a large crowd, so we limit the number of packets that we will distribute ahead of time and let everyone know what that limit is. (The number of free packets available is included on the handouts that we distribute throughout the community. First come - First served)

Many people attend this event, even though they know that they will not receive the school supplies. They just want to be a part of the time of blessing for their children.

On the day of the event, prior to the distribution, everyone participates in a time of prayer over the students and families, and a short presentation of the Gospel.

For families in our community who have several children, this event is a tremendous blessing and anticipated each year.

By the way, our cost for assembling the school supply packets is less than $10 per student. We set our budget according to donations received and our ability to cover costs. Some of the businesses in your community will be happy to help out if you offer to add them to the list of sponsors at the event.

Another great way to boost attendance and insure that everyone will receive something, in addition to the time of ministry, is to plan a Health Fair in conjunction with your Back To School Event.

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