Evangelist / Church Growth Consultant

"If church growth is important to you, I can help!"

As an Evangelist, I operate as a church growth consultant of sorts, specifically in the area of evangelism and follow up.

I am able to save a church time and money in developing effective evangelism and follow up plans to reach the community in which God has placed them.

Here are a few questions to consider:

** Has your church hit a "plateau" in the area of growth? **

**Have you hit a wall in developing new ideas for reaching the community around you?**

**Do you need help to motivate and train your congregation to win souls and make disciples?**

**Do you have a desire to see more people in your community come to know Jesus and become an active part of your congregation?**

**Do you have a desire to see more of your existing congregation fulfill the call on their lives to win souls and make disciples?**

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes", then I can help you.

Here Is My Promise To You

1) I will always do my best to serve the local church by saving you time and money in developing effective evangelism and follow up plans to reach the community in which God has placed you.

2) My goal will always be to help you to succeed at what God has called you to do.

3) I will always give an impartial, unbiased assessment of needs in order for individuals and churches to grow spiritually and numerically, according to Biblical principles.

4) I will pray for God's blessing and anointing on your ministry as we work together to advance His Kingdom.

True church growth is only accomplished through sharing the Gospel with people who are not saved and helping them to become part of a local congregation.

The work of an Evangelist, in relation to acting as a Church Growth Consultant is to win the lost, equip the local church to do the same, help to analyze the existing situation and also help to implement plans that will reach the local community for Jesus Christ.

I would like to help you to train and motivate your congregation to more effectively reach your community for the Lord. The form below will help me to better assist you in succeeding at what God has called you to do in your community. Take a minute to fill it out. Let me know how you think I might be of service to you. Let's "Win Souls and Make Disciples" together! God bless you!

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