How To Overcome Fear In Evangelism

Gain Confidence With 4 Easy Steps

Anyone can overcome fear or shyness in witnessing by following a few simple steps.

Our fear of witnessing, generally, is based on focusing on ourselves instead of God and others. We must point people to Jesus at all costs.

As human beings, we are generally too preoccupied with our own image, our own needs, our own comfort to truly extend ourselves to minister to others.

We know that we should. We want to, but when the time comes, when opportunity presents itself, we find ourselves not saying anything at all. It seems our tongue is stuck to the roof of our mouths. Have you ever experienced this? I have!!

So, how can we overcome fear and be of service to others in sharing the Good News of the Gospel? Beyond praying about it, are there some things that we can physically do, in order to help us with our shyness or fear? Let's take a look...

Prayer Overcomes Fear

The first step to overcome fear is to pray.
"God has not given us the spirit of fear" - 2Timothy 1:7

Also Read Acts 18:9-11

God Is With You!! You are not alone!!

In Matthew 28, Jesus says that He will be with us to the end of the age. We should draw great comfort from this knowledge.

Pray, and trust that God will lead you to people who need to hear the message of the Gospel.

Study The Word

One of the biggest fears that people have about witnessing is making mistakes or not having all of the answers to people's questions.

a) Know that you will be asked something that you don't have an answer for. No one has all the answers, except God himself. Be honest! You are human! People will respect you for telling them that you don't know. This actually gives you a starting point for further Bible study. Learn something new by finding the answer to their question in the Bible.

b) Become a student of God's Word. The Holy Spirit will bring scriptures back to mind when you need them.

Luke 21:14-15 - Don't worry about what you will say. God will bring to mind what needs to be said.

c) Remember Isaiah 55:11 God's Word will not go out and come back void. It will always achieve it's purpose. The scriptures tell us that when we share something from God's Word, we are either planting seeds, watering seeds, or God is reaping a harvest. Start trying to recognize what role you are playing when you are sharing the Gospel.

As a result of knowing these things, we should...

Have A Positive Attitude

Expect people to accept the Lord and get saved!! Expect them to accept Jesus!!

This one small shift in your way of thinking will give you more confidence than anything else. Know that it is God's desire that everyone would come to Him for salvation. The Holy Spirit is working in the other person's life to draw them to the Lord.

Serve Others

Don't let your imagination defeat you.

We can imagine all kinds of problems or objections that people may have. We don't like to feel rejection.

To overcome fear: Don't think about yourself when you are witnessing. Think about God and others. Help them to get to know the one true God.

If you approach every opportunity with a servant attitude, fear will begin to disappear. You are serving your family, friends, coworkers and people on the street, by telling them the truth about a loving God who wants a relationship with them. You are actually looking out for their well-being by talking to them about Jesus.

So what is there to be afraid of?

Tell Someone About Jesus Today

Let your relationship with Jesus just naturally overflow into every area of your life. Overcome fear by sharing your personal story about how God has changed your life with someone else.

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